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Anti-Graffiti Services

Proclean Anti-Graffiti Services Benefits include:

Graffiti Removal from almost any surface – which means you can confidently call us no matter what your graffiti is on, - Brick, Stone, Pebble Dash, Wood, Metal Surfaces, Plastics, UPVC etc.

Our Methods are Safe and Eco Friendly – you don’t have to worry about secondary damage, health risks, risk to the public

Fast Response Times – we are only a call away! You don’t have to put up with Graffiti offending you or your customers any longer than necessary, and fast removal deters repeat offending

24 Hour Service – means if need be, we can work when your premises are closed and you don’t have to worry about business interruption

We also offer Anti Graffiti Protective Coatings – which again deters repeat offending, and makes any subsequent graffiti much easier to remove, saving you on future costs.

If you have already decided you would like us to help rid you of Graffiti
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satisfaction guarenteed

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the pressure cleaning services or power wash job we do, we will re-wash the area for FREE!!!

If you are still not satisfied, you pay nothing! Many power washing companies do not guarantee their work, but we feel nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction of our work.