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Gutter Clearing & Cleaning


Many property owners neglect their roof gutters and we often comes across guttering that hasn't been cleaned for 10-15 years. The debris that collects in your gutter is rarely flushed out by rainfall.

Once the gutter is blocked the rainwater may overflow or backflow into the ceiling and flood your interior.

Whether your gutters are filled with leaves, gunk or foreign debris, rest assured our cleaning procedures will clean it out. Our cleaning methods are always safe and the end result ensures optimum performance of your gutter system.

We also offer the cleaning of your guttering externally to maintain the look of your property as well as the gutter clearing service.

At Proclean we are always looking after the customer!


What Are The Benefits Of Proclean Gutter Clearing?

Saves you taking any risks climbing a ladder and doing the gutter cleaning work yourself!

Saves money in the long term by preventing more costly gutter repairs!

Peace of mind. Know that you’re maintaining and looking after a vital part of your homes drainage system.

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satisfaction guarenteed

If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with the pressure cleaning services or power wash job we do, we will re-wash the area for FREE!!!

If you are still not satisfied, you pay nothing! Many power washing companies do not guarantee their work, but we feel nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction of our work.