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Sub Contracting



Proclean are aiming to be a sub contractors cleaning company, providing its clients the first class service as it set out to be, by sub contracting to self employed people we feel we will achieve this goal as self employed have the passion and eye for detail for the services that they are providing.

We would like you to be one of our sub contractors!


How does it work?

We would take the initial phone call and liaise with yourself and other contractors in the area to find the best match for the customer in regards to which days and time suit.

We would take a deposit from the customer to secure the booking and inform yourself of the date and time via email and text and would require a response of confirmation which return would send a confirmation to the client.

You would arrive at the customers address wearing the Proclean HiViz provided and introduce yourself (Hi I am David from ovenpro working on behalf of Proclean).

You would carry out your service as per instructions, if you are asked re payment you would advise someone from the Proclean team will call in regards to paying the remaining balance owed. We will call the customer usually the day after the service has been carried out to follow up on your work and take payment. You will then invoice Proclean for your service at the agreed price and be paid on return.

It’s as simple as that!


What are the benefits to the sub contractor?

A: The key benefits are:

•Expansion of your customer base, we have over 1000 customers on file that we can market too.

•We will cover marketing costs thus saving you money

•Quiet days/ Gaps in your diary filled

•One less major competitor to compete with as we will be working together

•We deal with payment so no down time chasing debt

•You will have an admin taking calls and emails on your behalf thus saving time to focus on your expertise


Services We Are Looking To Sub Contract:

  • Oven Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Valeting & Detailing


Please get in touch for our sub contracting FAQ’s to help in your thought process.

For more info on these great opportunities email us at

We look forward to working alongside you and have a long lasting relationship.